Microlearning for Companies Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Sparking Curiosity
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Spark Learning

Spark Learning consists of three interconnected levels that seamlessly guide employees from inspiration to personalized skill development, culminating in a collaborative and knowledge-sharing culture.

Employees not only gain knowledge and skills but also contribute to a dynamic learning community within the organization.

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Layer I: Spark

Igniting curiosity with microlearning

Spark Learning introduces employees to engaging videos and interactive quizzes allowing them to delve into new and relevant topics.

The bite-sized nature of the content enables employees to learn at their own pace, fostering a sense of curiosity and opening their minds to new ideas. This level serves as a starting point, inspiring employees and laying the foundation for their learning journey.

generative-ai lessons


Create your own lessons with Generative-AI, tailoring skills to your role.

Personalized learning experience with generative-AI where employees can generate their own lessons that align with their specific roles and interests.

For instance, if an employee has just completed an AI course, they can now explore how to apply that knowledge to their unique job responsibilities by generating their own course. 

Layer III: Culture

A platform for knowledge sharing and inspiring a culture of curiosity.

Employees can explore what their colleagues, leaders, and team members are curious about, fostering discussions and sparking new ideas.

This level promotes a sense of camaraderie, encourages cross-functional collaboration, and creates a "Fear of Missing Out" effect, motivating employees to stay informed and actively participate in the learning journey.

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Smartly invest in employee development

Foster forward-thinking culture in your company.

Edumia enables organizations to harness the power of data-driven insights to track employee engagement, identify their interests, and cultivate a culture of productivity and continuous improvement.

This holistic approach revolutionizes how companies invest in their workforce, focusing resources on the most engaged employees who demonstrate a strong commitment to staying relevant and driving the company's success.